The Wall

As she stood against the wall,
Standing straight. 
Standing tall.
Smooth as glass, she could not climb,
She must ascend, can’t look behind.
The birds had grown their wings to serve,
When they could no longer live bound to Earth.
Her wings were just thoughts within her mind,
Wings she could grow from the other side.
She looked past the Owl, who dared dream by day,
But then heard her own voice “Here you must stay.” 

So gently she knelt beside the wall,
Kneeling soft. Kneeling small.
Mute as the mountain she struggled to pray.
She must descend, she cannot stay.
The birds sing songs to find fellow souls,
When songs turn to prayer they will heal and console.
Her wounds still thoughts fresh in her mind.
Wounds she could heal, from some other side.
She reached towards a sparrow who dared to be plain.
But she heard her soul speak “You can’t hold her pain.” 

Yearning she’d reach up to the sky,
Reaching out. Reaching  high.
Without her wings she longed to leap,
But bound to earth her roots ran deep.
Angels stand ready to lift broken Ones,
When unlived dreams leave songs unsung.
Her dreams and songs this life denied,
Visions she could seek, from some other side.
She imagined her Angels, who dared trust The One.
And she heard in her Heart “The Soul dies to none” 

P. Ciavardone

Copyright 2014. Face the Mountain. All rights reserved 


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