The Twisted Tree


 The twisted tree danced and swam around the vortex too slowly for the human eye to see but creating a most beautiful sculpture. It coiled and dipped, sung and swooned for decades unnoticed by everyone but the charmer, Mother Earth. As she played her music, she softly guided its microscopic movements with her gentle fingertips and subtle lullabies.

Now a masterpiece, it continues to dance, still unseen in the moment, but now its charms us and calls us closer with its mystery to experience for ourselves the same gentle fingertips and the hum of the lullaby flowing through the vortex.      



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One thought on “The Twisted Tree

  1. For as long as I could remember I’ve gravitated towards bent and twisted trees. I never gave it much thought about why until I learned, later in life, that twisted trees were considered a sure sign of an energy vortex and more than the fact that they were beautiful that seemed to explain my attraction.

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