We have points in our life when we feel like we’ve almost reached the end of that guide rope we hold onto and all of the sudden we have dropped the rope and now we are lost, again. We all want our angel to put that rope back in our hands so we can get to the end sure we have gone the right way because like good children, we have followed the path laid out for us.

When we’ve lost our grip on that rope is the answer to gently probe the area already staked out for us or is it an invitation to be our own guide? How else do we learn to live as free spirits, to run or fly or swim if we can’t let go of the rope. That rope will always be there should we need it and our angels will always be happy to put it back in our hand or even hold our hand if we need. But if that help doesn’t come as soon as you’d like, consider that you angel may be challenging you to take that walk into the forest and learn by adventure.


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